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Fruit Liqueur Storage Jar

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The iconic Aderia red-lidded storage jars have been used in Japan since 1962 to make umeshu (plum liqueur) at home. It is made of high quality glass, with a certified seal guaranteed by the Glass Manufacturers' Association of Japan, ensuring freshness over a long period.

By combining your fruit of choice with honey or a hard sugar such as rock sugar, and alcohol (for example vodka), you can make your own liqueur at home. The best time period is one year, but umeshu is sometimes consumed from six months on.

Certification system for long-term storage fruit liqueur bottles
A "Certified sticker for long-term storage fruit liqueur bottles" is included with these jars, to make sure that the fruit liqueur bottle is safe and secure for long-term use. The certified sticker is only applied to "long-term storage fruit liqueur bottles" certified by the Glass Manufacturers' Association of Japan.

The four seasons are very important in Japan and these are linked with food, giving of gifts and also the types of fruit used. Start any time of the year with seasonal fruits to make your drink of choice. Store it in a cool, dark place for best results.