T-320 Toolbox

R 540.00

High quality TRUSCO pressed steel toolbox with a single compartment and secure toggle catch clip. The flat lid means it is compact for easy storage. It is ideal for organising a combination of hand tools, kitchen knives or art supplies. The toolbox is light and sturdy for easy carrying around.

Dimensions 333mm (L) x 137mm (W) x 123mm (H)
Weight: 1.2kg
Colours: Olive Drab, Blue, Silver

The uniquely Japanese concept of "monozukuri" is a term used to describe Japanese syle manufacturing and has been defined as both “the duplication of design data into a material,” or the "art, science and craft of making things." To support the monozukuri industry in Japan, Trusco Nakayama supplies tools to monozukuri businesses of all sizes from a range of manufacturers, including its own branded range.