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Karikomi Shears (200mm) - Two handed - WAZA
Karikomi Shears (200mm) - Two handed - WAZA
Karikomi Shears (200mm) - Two handed - WAZA
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Karikomi Shears (200mm) - Two handed



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MANAKA karikomi shears shears with 200mm handle. Ideal for small garden pruning jobs where space is limited or for bonsai pruning. Kantō region-type shears have handles that rest in parallel and have no stopper, which is a feature preferred by experienced gardeners.

Mr. Yasuo Manaka was the fourth-generation blacksmith who oversaw the manufacture of everyday practical implements for MANAKA, based in Kasukabe, Saitama Prefecture. As one of the remaining traditional blacksmiths in the region, the company produces a variety of products to meet the remaining demand, including kitchen knives, garden tools, scissors and forestry and fishing gear. The principles guiding manufacturing are to create long-lasting tools for daily use with a sharp blade for efficient cutting.

The current head of the business and master blacksmith is fifth-generation Shunsuke Manaka, who conducts wide-ranging research on forging techniques and has begun to introduce a new range of products. In this way he continues the family tradition of continuously innovating on designs, while maintaining proven traditional forging techniques.