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NOAH Tatami Sleeping Mat

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The NOAH tatami sleeping mat is made of natural Japanese igusa rush, the same as used to make traditional tatami floor coverings. Igusa has many unique properties. The overlapping honeycomb-like hexagonal structures found inside each stalk allows igusa to absorb formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide and unwanted odours. Igusa is also a deodorizer as it contains phytoncides - antimicrobial organic compounds - which emit a natural, grassy fragrance, to freshen the air. Igusa is 2.5 times as moisture absorbent as cotton.

This sleeping mat is large enough to use as a single bed for an adult and can be folded when traveling. It is available in different colour finishes and thick enough to provide comfort and support. The inner padding is 4cm thick polyester wadding. You can use the mattress as is, or place a Japanese futon on top.

Dimensions when folded: 90cm (L) x 70cm (W) x 15cm (H)

Dimensions when flat: 200cm (L) x 90cm (W) x 4cm (H)


The motto of IKEHIKO Co. is to “make life delightful”. The company is based in Fukuoka Prefecture and was established in 1886. IKEHIKO specialises in home applications for igusa, the Japanese rush used in homes for centuries. The company's products convey igusa's traditional charms, while being suited to contemporary lifestyles and modern homes.