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Gyuto Knife (Shirogami - Hongasumi 210mm) - WAZA
Gyuto Knife (Shirogami - Hongasumi 210mm) - WAZA
Gyuto Knife (Shirogami - Hongasumi 210mm) - WAZA
Gyuto Knife (Shirogami - Hongasumi 210mm) - WAZA
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Gyuto Knife (Shirogami - Hongasumi 210mm)



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KISUKE gyuto knife with 210mm blade made of shirogami white paper steel no. 2, with a softer iron cladding and octagonal walnut handle.

The shape of the blade is a unique design by 5th generation blacksmith Shunsuke Manaka and is hand forged with a kurouchi (blacksmith) finish. The type of blade forging is called hongasumi - a high grade form of a kasumi blade, where a soft iron is joined to high carbon steel.

"Gyuto" literally means "beef sword" and is a Japanese style chef's knife with a longer and narrower blade than a santoku. It can be used for left or right handed rock-chopping, to make fine cuts using the tip of the blade, or to pull-cut softer meats. It is packaged in a cardboard box.

Shunsuke Manaka conducts wide-ranging research on forging techniques and has begun to introduce a new range of products in the premium KISUKE range, including ATS-34 stainless steel variants. In this way he continues the family tradition of continuously innovating on designs, while maintaining proven traditional forging techniques.

His father, Mr. Yasuo Manaka was the fourth-generation blacksmith who oversaw the manufacture of everyday practical implements for MANAKA, based in Kasukabe, Saitama Prefecture. As one of the remaining traditional blacksmiths in the region, the company still produces a variety of products to meet the remaining demand, including kitchen knives, garden tools, scissors, and forestry and fishing gear. The principles guiding manufacturing are to create long-lasting tools for daily use with a sharp blade for efficient cutting.

Please note: These knives are made individually by hand. The finishing on each blade is unique. The knife you receive may therefore not have the exact pattern as in the picture, but will be the same style.