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Aomori Hiba Essential Oil

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Brand: Cul de Sac

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Aomori Prefecture sits at the Northern tip of Japan's Honshu Island and it is here where a unique type of cypress tree - Aomori Hiba (Thujopsis dolabrata) - can be found. It is a wood praised for its fine grain and quality and trees reach full maturity at 250 to 300 years old. It is known to be an insect-repelling wood and naturally antiseptic. The essential oil has a relaxing effect when used for its aroma - whether in bath water, or by using an essential oil burner or diffuser.

Volume: 12ml


Cul de Sac Japan was founded by Mineko Muraguchi who grew up in Aomori where his father runs a lumber business. He is passionate about introducing people to the properties of Aomori Hiba, while also ensuring it is harvested sustainably. Through a process of water vapor distillation the company extracts the oil from leftover wood.