Kogatana Utility Knife (Folding)

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The name kogatana (小刀) translates to "small knife" or "short sword" and is a blade that is traditionally found in a sheath attached to a Japanese sword scabbard. It is a utility knife which can be used for whittling, grafting, box-cutting, paring, or any other indoor or outdoor use, where a sharp, angled blade is required. It is an ideal camping knife. The folding version is easy to carry in a pocket and locks when opened. The blade is made from aogami (blue paper steel) which is also used in high-end chef's knives and secateurs.

Folded Length: 140mm
Blade Length: 60mm
Open Length: 230mm

BANSHU HAMONO is a collective brand from South-West Hyōgo Prefecture in Japan, which has a 250+ year blacksmith history dating back to the first katana factory in 1744. The blacksmith traditions have continued across generations and today a diverse range of small businesses, each with each its own skilled craftsmen, still produce cutlery and tools for the home, studio and garden using the same techniques.