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Bizen Ware Serving Bowl - WAZA
Bizen Ware Serving Bowl - WAZA
Bizen Ware Serving Bowl - WAZA
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Bizen Ware Serving Bowl



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Handmade and wood fired Bizen ware bowl, which can be used for serving food, or for eating from. It has two distinctive ears for carrying and natural warm colours associated with the Bizen ware style. It is made by Takaaki Owashi and his father at their studio Wasyugama. They fire their wares in a climbing kiln with wood over a period of eight days and also offer pottery classes and accommodation to visitors. The Bizen clay is harvested locally, before being prepared and kneaded, with shaping of each piece done by hand on a potter's wheel.

Please note: the piece pictured is a representative example. Since each piece is handmade, the one you receive will be the same design and shape, but will not look exactly like the one pictured. Each piece is unique, with variations in the patterns and colouring.

Dimensions: Approximately 17.5cm (L) × 14.5cm (W) x 5.5cm (H)


Bizen ware is a style of pottery associated with the oldest of Japan's Six Ancient Kilns. Originating in the old Bizen Province, now known as Okayama Prefecture, Bizen ware pieces have a distinctive, unglazed red to dark brown colour and often multiple markings from the different firing techniques.

Due to shrinkage of the clay used when fired, it is not glazed and therefore fired over a long period to allow for the change in size. By applying a variety of firing techniques, including binding pieces with straw, marks and patterns are applied and wood ash sometimes creates glazing effects.