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CA-855 Santoku Knife (145mm)

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  • Model no.: CA-855
  • Blade Steel: Aogami (Blue Paper Steel) with polished finish
  • Blade Length: 145mm
  • Handle: Magnolia with buffalo horn collar (kakumaki)

The Masazumi mini santoku has a shorter blade (145mm) than the typical santoku (165mm) whch makes it ideal for precision work, or people with smaller hands. The blade is cut from Aogami (blue paper steel), which is a premium steel used for chef's knives that must hold their cutting edge, while being easy to sharpen. It is sharpened by hand.

"Santoku" means 'three virtues' - originally valour, wisdom and benevolence - but in the case of the Santoku knife, it refers to the three tasks it does best: slicing, dicing, and mincing. It is essentially the Japanese version of a general chef's knife, compared to the Gyuto, which is the Japanese interpretation of the Western-style chef's knife.

Seki is a famous knife-making city in Gifu Prefecture and Masazumi was established in 1975 to offer high quality Japanese and Western style knives at a good price point.