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Garden Hatchet (180mm)

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AJIGATAYA 180mm hatchet for use in the garden. It can be used for splitting bamboo, pruning and coppicing of trees. The double edged blade ensures an efficient cut from any angle, using either hand. Its blade is longer than both the 105mm and 150mm versions, providing a very long cutting edge.

AJIGATAYA is a brand established in 1905 in Sanjō, Niigata Prefecture and is the second brand associated with the famous Hinoura cutlery workshop. The third-generation blacksmith Mr. Tsukasa Hinoura manufactures under his legendary name brand of TSUKASA, while his son, Mutsumi, is responsible for AJIGATAYA. They manufacture their products on a free-forging basis, meaning individually shaped objects, and use the traditional Japanese technique of folding a hard, high-carbon steel into a piece of softer iron. They also use advanced techniques to measure the hardness and sharpness of their blades.