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Furoshiki: Yumeji Takehisa - Dango
Furoshiki: Yumeji Takehisa - Dango
Furoshiki: Yumeji Takehisa - Dango
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Furoshiki: Yumeji Takehisa - Dango



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Furoshiki are square Japanese wrapping cloths used for gift wrapping, or to wrap and transport goods. Furoshiki come in different sizes and there are many different folding techniques. They can also be used with removable bag handles like patchin.

Dimensions: 90cm x 90cm
Designer: Yumeji Takehisa
Design: Dango (Red)
Material: 100% Cotton
Weight: 152g


Yumeji TAKEHISA (1884-1934)

Yumeji Takehisa was a Japanese poet and painter and he was well known for his Nihonga paintings. He also designed unique and dynamic patterns for products like furoshiki and, apart from his influence on manga artists, he is seen as a pioneer of Japanese graphic design.


Yamada sen-i was established in 1937 as a manufacturer of furoshiki. The company's furoshiki brand is “MUSUBI” which is derived from from “born(生す/musu)” and “beauty(美/bi)” in Japanese. “MUSUBI” also means “a knot” and “to tie”.