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Genmaicha - Green Tea with Rice (35g)
Genmaicha - Green Tea with Rice (35g)
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Genmaicha - Green Tea with Rice (35g)

Chaya Suzuwa


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Genmaicha green tea with puffed rice is a very old way of blending two of Japan's favourite crops. The rice is harvested from the family farm of the Maruse family in Tottori Prefecture, steamed and roasted, and then blended with premium sencha from Shizuoka Prefecture. It offers a lovely nutty aroma from the rice, combined with the soothing taste of premium quality green tea.



  1. Place 5g of tea in a teapot or container.
  2. Pour 150ml of hot water (95-100 °C) into the pot.
  3. Cover the teapot or container and wait for 45 seconds.
  4. Stir the tea gently and serve until the last drop is poured out.
  5. Enjoy your rice and green tea!