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Harvest Knife
Harvest Knife
Harvest Knife
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Harvest Knife



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Harvest knife by Asano Mokkosho, with a wooden sheath. The harvest or gardening knife is sharpened along two edges of the rounded shape blade, which makes it easy to harvest vegetables, fruit, or herbs. It works especially well for cutting close to the soil, like with lettuce, celery or asparagus.

It comes with a wooden sheath which makes it safe and easy for carrying when hanging from a belt. The sheath has a small magnet to keep the blade in position. The blade is made of Japanese carbon steel and needs to be kept clean and dry after use. The wooden handle is oval shaped and with the double bevel blade it means it can be used left or right handed.


  • Total cutting edge length: 170mm
  • Knife length  including handle: 260mm


Asano Mokkosho is based in the famed twin cities for steel craftsmanship - Tsubame-Sanjo in Niigata Prefecture. The company manufacturers tools according to the maxim: "Simple and efficient tools for all your gardening needs." Established in 1950, they not only supply professionals and hobbyists with a wide range of general tools, but also keep on innovating with new designs, all incorporating Japanese design elements and quality craftsmanship.