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Japanese Citrus Juice Gift Box
Japanese Citrus Juice Gift Box
Japanese Citrus Juice Gift Box
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Japanese Citrus Juice Gift Box



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Gift box containing four bottles of 100% Japanese citrus juice. Their unique, concentrated flavours offer a wide range of opportunities for enhancing the taste of foods and baking with citrus-infused flavours, or to mix with drinks.

The gift box contains one 300ml bottle of the following juices:

  • Yuzu - the famed sour and bitter citrus unique to Japanese cuisine;
  • Buntan - also known as a pomelo, it offers sweetness and umami flavour;
  • Konatsu - less sweet than buntan, with a good sweet, bitter and sour balance;
  • Ponkan - a hybrid of pomelo and mandarin, with a sweet taste similar to  orange.

The bottles are glass and easily recyclable, and are protected inside the box with mokumen - a natural Japanese wood-wool from Shikoku Island.

The island of Shikoku is the smallest of Japan's four main islands and it is here in Kochi Prefecture that yuzu and buntan are cultivated. The representative director of Tosameisankai, Mr Kiyoshi Aoyama, is passionate about explaining the origin of the seed grown trees in his orchards, as well as introducing different cultivation and harvesting techniques.

For a Japanese language video featuring Ayoama san in his orchard, watch here.