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Kishu Binchōtan Activated Charcoal Powder

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Food grade Kishu binchōtan activated charcoal powder, used in cooking or baking, has a detoxing effect in the body and adds a lovely charcoal-black colour to food.

Kishu binchōtan from Wakayama Prefecture is widely regarded as one of the best fuels for grilling. Japanese ubame oak branches are pyrolised in oxygen-deprived kilns over a period of one week to make charcoal, using traditional clay kilns and a carfeul process of regulating temperature. This ensures an activated charcoal that is not only suitable for grilling, but also as a water purifier and detoxifying food ingredient.

Made by Selene in Wakayama Prefecture, where Kishu binchōtan is produced, it is very fine powder that easily dissolves and mixes with other foods, with no discernable texture or taste.

Sold in 25g bottles.