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Konya-I Indigo Dye Kit

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Brand: SEIWA

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'Konya-I' Indigo Dye Kit made by SEIWA for home use. The dye is made from real indigo plants and is made under supervision of fourth-generation indigo master, Mr Yasuo Nakajima. It includes an English instruction manual for ease of use. One packet of dye is mixed with 5 litres of hot water and the recommended ideal weight of fabric to be dyed is 200g. The dye can be reused up to four times on the same fabric in order to create an intense 'Japan Blue' colour.

Each dye kit includes:

  • 15g indigo dye crystals
  • 125g reducing agent
  • 20g indigo colour fixant
  • one pair of rubber gloves
  • Instruction manual in English

To increase the volume of dye, additional packets of indigo dye crystals (15g) and reducing agent (125g) can be bought separately. These do not come with instructions, gloves or colour fixant.


Yasuo Nakajima is a fourth-generation indigo dyeing master at Bushu Nakajima Konya, established in 1837. Nakajima is an officially designated "holder of intangible culture treasure and technology in indigo dyeing" by Saitama Prefecture. He has partnered with SEIWA to produce an indigo dyeing kit that is easy to use at home, or for small businesses.

SEIWA Corporation was founded in 1949 by Mr Seiichi Murayama and specialises in dyes and leathercraft products. The company has pioneered many dyeing techniques and research into dyeing and leathercraft.