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Leather Knife

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Brand: JIKKO

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Japanese leather knife used for skiving leather, or for making fine or detailed corner cuts. The light-weight magnolia handle is combined with a shirogami (white paper steel) blade. Sharpening of the blade can be done on a Japanese whetstone.

  • Total length: 185mm
  • Length of blade: 80mm


JIKKO was established in 1901 in the Japanese city of Sakai located in Osaka prefecture. Sakai is well known as a city where a number of Japan’s top quality knives are produced. The Master Blacksmith Mr Toshiyuki Jikko is the current 4th generation President and he also works with such renowned blacksmiths in his team as Ryoichi Ikeda (son of the late Tatsuo Ikeda) and Kenichi Shiraki. JIKKO produces kitchen and utility knives in a wide variety of styles and often using innovative forging techniques to showcase new blade finishes.