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Croquis Sketchbook (S)

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Small Croquis range sketchbook by MARUMAN. 100 sheets of 52.3g/㎡ MARUMAN original white croquis paper with a cover made of durable kraft paper and wire spiral binding.

Dimensions: 212mm x 242mm

MARUMAN was established in 1920 and is known for its high quality stationery and paper products, with such legendary names as Hayao Miyazaki using the company's products. The Croquis range of sketchbooks take their name from the French word for quick, live sketching of a human figure and is a firm favourite with artists around the world who want a high quality, yet affordable sketchbook to carry around. MARUMAN has developed its own set of paper specifications - nine for drawing paper and four for writing paper, by which it maintains manufacturing quality.