Metal Cap Storage Container

R 490.00
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The MC (Metal Cap) Container is a modern interpretation of the iconic Aderia red-lidded storage jars. It combines stainless steel parts and a glass jar for a contemporary kitchen, bar or living room. The usage is limitless depending on ideas and preference - you can make fruit wine and pickles, or store dried food and rice in it.

We stock two sizes: 1 litre and 3 litres.

The 3 litre MC Container comes with a handy stainless steel ladle, if used for fruit liquors or other punches. By combining your fruit of choice with honey or a hard sugar like rock sugar and alcohol (you can used vodka for example), you can make your own liqueur at home. The best time period is one year, but umeshu (Japanese plum liqueur) is sometimes drank after six months.

The four seasons are very important in Japan and these are linked with food, giving of gifts and also the types of fruit used. Start any time of the year with seasonal fruits to make your drink of choice. Store it in a cool, dark place for best results.