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Miyabi Isshin Petty Knife (90mm)
Miyabi Isshin Petty Knife (90mm)
Miyabi Isshin Petty Knife (90mm)
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Miyabi Isshin Petty Knife (90mm)



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The Miyabi Isshin paring knife offers a small, well-made and uncomplicated knife for detail tasks, e.g. peeling fruit or removing seeds. It is ideal as an all-purpose knife in the kitchen or for camping.

The blade is made from high quality AUS8 core and triple cladded with SUS410 stainless steel. The handle is from natural rosewood. With a straight cutting edge and sharp tip, this improves its use for delicate cutting tasks.

  • Total length: 200mm
  • Blade length: 90mm
  • Handle thickness: 20mm
  • Blade thickness:1.5mm
  • Weight: 40g

"Miyabi Isshin" is named as such to express an elegant and affordable knife range with a dedicated purpose.


Seki Kanetsugu Knife Co. was established in 2018 as a knife making company in Seki City, Gify Prefecture, by Matsujiro Kawamura, who is the descendant of the swordsmith Kanetsugu, who made Japanese katana in the 14th Century. SEKI KANETSUGU focuses on blending the skills of generations with high-tech steel forging techniques, and aims to develop useful and sharp knives which are durable and can suit any lifestyle.