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Mochiko Glutinous Rice Flour

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Brand: Konaya

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Mochiko (もち粉) is a Japanese glutinous rice flour that is made from a variety of short-grain rice called mochigome (もち米).  It is very slightly sweet and when mixed becomes sticky. It is used to make traditional Japanese sweets like mochi, daifuku and dango. 

There are different types of rice flour used for sweets, including shiratama flour, dango flour and kamishin flour. Mochi flour offers a glutinous rice taste and smooth texture. It is prepared by mixing with water, creating a ball or mould, and boiling in water.

One bag: 300g
Shelf life from manufacturing: 12 months (unopened)
Store in a cool, dark place and avoid direct sunlight, heat and humidity

Manufactured in a factory where buckwheat, wheat, and yam is used.