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MyMai Premium Sushi Rice

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Brand: WAZA

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MyMai sushi rice is a blend of premium ginbouzu polished rice, harvested in the prefectures of Niigata, Toyama and Hokkaido in Japan. The terroir of each region adds different characteristics to the blend, and MyMai offers a firm texture, with good elasticity, and a little stickiness. It is ideal for sushi or onigiri, and can also be used for rice dishes like donburi-mono.

The name MyMai pays homage to Japanese wordplay, or dajare. The character for rice (米) is pronounced “mai”. MyMai therefore signifies “my rice” and also sounds like “mai mai" – the Japanese word for snail, hence the origami snail logo.


MyMai is sold in partnership with Origami for Africa, an NPO which introduces the art of origami through school children, as both learners and instructors. Each bag of MyMai sushi rice comes with an origami snail folded by an Origami for Africa learner, and WAZA donates R20 per kg to support the NPO’s activities. Learn more at