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Organic Koshihikari Rice (white or brown)

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Brand: SKLO

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Koshihikari rice is a short grain that was first produced in 1956 and has become one of Japan's most popular rice cultivars for general consumption. It is prized because of its good balance of stickiness, elasticity, taste and gloss.  Meaning "the light of Koshi" - referring to the old Koshi Province, its taste can also vary depending on where it is grown.

SKLO koshihikari rice is available in brown and white varieties. The rice is grown on a small, family-run organic rice farm outside Tsubata, a town in Ishikawa Prefecture, located as a crossroads between the Kaga region, the Noto region, and Toyama Prefecture. The business owner, Yoshiki Tsukamoto, produces SKLO rice and he also designs filaments and  light bulbs, while running the shop SKLO in Kanazawa, specialising in antiques from Eastern Europe.

SKLO koshihikari rice can be bought in 30kg bags on special order.