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Powder Green Tea - Tsuyuhikari
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Powder Green Tea - Tsuyuhikari



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Tsuyuhikari is a tea variety that is growing in popularity in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. This is because of its bright green colour and umami taste.

This powder tea pack includes 30g of finely milled tea, to give an instant green tea experience. Just add water.


  • Add a teaspoon size of choice of tea powder to hot or cold water.
  • Stir and drink.
  • If the tea powder settles a little during drinking, just stir again.

Powder green tea can also be used for flavouring foods or baked goods, or to make desserts.

It is ideal to carry in a flask for drinking during the day.


Yamama Masudaen is based in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. The company makes green tea from farming to production to sales. The company has a 150 year history of tea making and produces approximately 100,000 kg of green tea annually at their own factory.