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Rebate Plane (18mm)
Rebate Plane (18mm)
Rebate Plane (18mm)
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Rebate Plane (18mm)



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The KAKURI Rebate (Rabbet) Plane is used to cut grooves or rebates into wood and is popular for making box lids, sliding door frames, or drawers. The blade spans the complete width of the plane body, which allows for precision work and for the plane to be easily pulled. It is also effective where square corners are required.  It has a high speed steel blade hardened to HRC 63, which ensures a sturdy and sharp cutting edge and which is adjustable using a mallet. The wooden body of the plane is made of Japanese White Oak.

The blade can be sharpened on a whetstone, or replacements blades can be bought separately.

Dimensions: 180mm x 18mm


KAKURI Corporation is a company based in Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture. It was established in 1946 and its philosophy is to promote "a rich life through tools." This philosophy is based on the understanding that making things is a rewarding and enriching experience, and KAKURI therefore produces high quality tools that can enable a creative manufacturing process. It aims to create harmony between people, skills and tools and produces a wide range of hand tools for people who enjoy DIY.

KAKURI is a member of SMITH SANJO JAPAN, a group of craftsmen in Sanjo with an enterprising and innovative spirit, who have inherited the traditions and heritage from their predecessors. Since Sanjo is known as a district where high quality blades, metal products and hand tools are produced, SMITH members aim to promote the skills handed down by craftsmen over generations.