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Iron Household Scissors

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Brand: TAjiKA

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Hand made and sharpened iron household scissors for general use made by 3rd and 4th generation father and son team Takeo and Daisuke Tajika. Each pair is unique and they not only look beautiful, but have a keen cutting edge. They can also be used for flower or herb cutting, like with the smaller version, also available.

Dimensions: 70mm (W) x 180mm (L)

As with most Japanese handmade iron products, keep your scissors clean and dry after use.

TAjiKA HARUO Scissor Works was founded in 1938 by Takeji Tajika, who manufactured tailor shears and other special purpose scissors on order. He was succeeded by Haruo Tajika during a time when scissor makers were still commonplace in Ono, Hyōgo Prefecture and who pioneered many new scissor designs. Now 3rd and 4th generation father and son team Takeo and Daisuke Tajika work together to craft a wide variety of scissors one by one, by hand. Their range includes garden snips, karikomi shears (for topiary style garden styling), tailor shears, kitchen scissors and bonsai branch and root cutters. TAjiKA is the family's premium brand and has established itself as a globally recognised name which produces household tools that are not a casual purchase, but become part of a person's life.