Tawashi Scrubbing Brush (Sisal)

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Kamenoko tawashi scrubbing brush, made from coconut palm fiber and sisal hemp. It is a multi-purpose, soft cleaning scrubber which can be used as a body scrubber, or for cleaning kitchen knives, pots and pans, vegetables, bathroom tiles, wooden bowls, shoes and bento boxes. It is heat resistant up to 90°C.

The softness of this scrubber means it can be used in teflon pans an sisal doesn't discolour easily when cleaning. The doughnut shape helps it to dry quicker when hanging.

Sizes: 8cm diameter x 3.2cm thick


Since 1907 the Kamenoko (meaning 'turtle') tawashi has been used in Japan for cleaning anything from dishes to pots to shoes. As author Akiko Hino notes when caring for Japanese utensils: "Many of us have our favourite washing tool. My favourite is definitely tawashi...I feel awkward without a tawashi in my kitchen." It has a medium-rough texture, but is very soft for use with cutlery, ceramics or iron pots and pans. Not recommended on teflon.

As the originator of tawashi in Japan, Kamenoko has been manufacturing them in the same way for over a centruy. The best quality palm fiber is selected, combed, cut, coiled up, trimmed and finished by hand before inspection. The palm fibres are pulled together with a sturdy wire inner, which gives it a long life span. It can easily be hung from an S-hook or nail.

Also available in a palm and hemp palm version