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Tokoname Ware Teapot - Tokuta Fujita

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Ceramic teapot made by Mr Tokuta FUJITA in Tokoname. It is a yokode kyūsu (side-handle teapot) and has a speckled silver-gray finish with distinctive dome shaped lid. The teapot is ideal for Japanese or other leaf teas and has a built-in ceramic mesh filter for straining tea leaves when pouring. Mr Fujita is a renowned potter and recipient of many awards for his teapots. It can also easily accommodate a tea bag.

Volume: 250ml

Packaging: cardboard box


Tokoname is the location of one of Japan’s Six Ancient Kilns, with a ceramics history dating back to the 12th Century. Over the years it has become famous for bonsai and shochu pots, and its distinctive teapots, including red clay teapots. It is also the largest producer of maneki neko (beckoning cats) in Japan, with interesting variations dotting the access road from the train station.