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Tosa Washi 2024 Calendar
Tosa Washi 2024 Calendar
Tosa Washi 2024 Calendar
Tosa Washi 2024 Calendar
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Tosa Washi 2024 Calendar



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Custom made, limited edition 2024 calendar, made in Japan with South Africa's 2024 holidays. The calendar is made of a combination of kozo (mulberry), straw and pulp fiber. It is rolled and comes in a cardboard box. To display, it can be unrolled to display all 12 months at once, or it can be unrolled as the year progresses. It works well on a wall, a fridge, or anywhere where you are looking for a minimalist example of Japanese paper craftsmanship. The months and dates are printed with a letterpress.


Tosa washi has a long history as a traditional Japanese style of paper made in Kochi prefecture on Shikoku Island - Japan's 4th largest island. Some link it back to a literary court nobleman named Ki no Tsurayuki (872-945), who first introduced it in the year 930.

Naigai Tengujoshi Co., Ltd. was born out of a dream to spread the ultra-thin paper from Tosa - tengujoshi - domestically and internationally. It is a small Japanese paper factory in the Niyodo River basin, based in Ino Town, Agawa District, Kochi Prefecture. The company strives for a personal touch and states:

"We manufacture various types of Japanese paper with machines, but we are proud to offer a warm Japanese paper that cannot be made with machines alone."