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Uji Matcha Pudding Mix
R 110

Uji Matcha Pudding Mix


Size 80g

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Uji matcha pudding mix, for enjoying the taste of famed Uji region matcha in a pudding form. The Uji region in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan is famed for its exceptional quality teas. This easy-to-prepare pudding mix offers an ideal introduction to the taste of matcha, served as a small, chilled dessert.

  • Net package weight: 80g or 500g
  • Gelling agent: Gelatin
  • Instructions: Put 80g powder into a bowl with 250 ml of hot water (90°C or higher), stir and refrigerate for three hours. For smaller, individual portions, use the same ratio (e.g. 20g powder to 60ml water)

The package includes English instructions.

Matcha is finely powdered green tea which requires careful cultivation and preparation techniques, including shade growing, hand picking, de-stemming and de-veining of the leaf, as well as fine grinding.


    KYOEISEICHA (Kyoei Tea Co., Ltd.) traces its history back to the establishment of the Morihan Teahouse in Uji Ogura in 1836. With the business establishment Kyoei Tea Co., Ltd. by Morihan Tea Factory and Matsumotoken Tea Shop in 1940, the business became an important pioneer in both tea production and research. In 2019 the Kyoto Techno Center became a newly established base for tea research and development. The company motto is "trusted quality" and this is found across its range of teas and confectionary products.