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Wooden Chopsticks (Hare)
Wooden Chopsticks (Hare)
Wooden Chopsticks (Hare)
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Wooden Chopsticks (Hare)



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One pair of wooden chopsticks with a "playful hare" image on the fat end.

These chopsticks depict one of Japan's auspicious animal characters. The hare is an enduring symbol of perseverance, good luck and advancement, since its shorter front legs make it keep on moving forward.

The hare is found as far back as the Choujuu-Giga scrolls of the 12-13 century, and also depicted as the "moon hare" making mochi on the moon. The hare is also often seen as a symbol of spring season.

The chopsticks are made of natural wood, with acrylic painting used for the hare image.

Length is 23cm.


KAWAI was founded in 1943 as a chopsticks manufacturer in Obama City, Fukui prefecture, a region with a 400 year old history of making lacquer coated chopsticks. The lacquerware known as "wakasa nuri" is very time consuming, and comprises 18 steps, traditionally performed by one craftsperson. KAWAI builds on this tradition to offer chopsticks in traditional and modern styles and to enhance the reputation of chopsticks from Obama region.