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Yuzen Paper Sheets

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Brand: WACCA

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Yuzen / Chiyogami paper sheets are printed with traditional patterns derived from kimono designs and are used to cover tea tins, or to wrap gifts or other items. Each roll contains two 63 x 24 cm sheets of handmade paper. There are various designs and colours available.


WACCA Japan Ltd. was established in 2014 and is based in Tokyo. By combining traditional and contemporary designs with Japan's renowned paper-making techniques, the company offers a unique range of paper products. WACCA partners with paper manufacturers to produce a range of stationary, wrapping paper, business cards and other paper products. The paper used is 100% Kozo, Gampi, Mitsumata, Chiriri, Fusuma and others. WACCA does its own design and product development on many products. In this way, it introduces the ancient art of paper making into modern contexts.