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Roasting Teapot
Roasting Teapot
Roasting Teapot
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Roasting Teapot



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Ceramic slip cast roasting teapot made in Tokoname, Japan. It is designed to be placed on a heat source to roast tea leaves. Once roasted, the leaves are poured through the open handle into a regular teapot for steeping. We recommend a small gas flame or even tea candle. Shake the teapot every now and again to ensure and even roast.

  • Packaging: cardboard box
  • Model no.: 1062

Q: What sort of tea leaves can I roast? 
A: Any loose leaf teas can be experimented with. Use the same amount as usual and make sure to roast the leaves slowly so as not to burn them.


Tokoname is the location of one of Japan’s Six Ancient Kilns, with a ceramics history dating back to the 12th Century. Over the years it has become famous for bonsai and shōchū pots, and also its distinctive teapots, which include red clay teapots as a recognisable item from Tokoname. It is also the largest producer of maneki neko (beckoning cats) in Japan.

ISOBE is a leading teapot wholesaler within Tokoname and works with various kilns to source and sell different shapes, sizes and styles to customers around the world.