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Custom Orders

WAZA Custom Order Request

Are you looking for a specific item from Japan and cannot find it in South Africa? Send us your request and with our team in Japan we will see how we can assist you. We accept custom orders for individual products, as well as wholesale order requests from businesses and other traders.

To request a special order, follow these two easy steps:

  1. Check our online shop to confirm that we do not already sell the product you are looking for.
  2. If we don't stock it, please complete the form below to submit your custom order request.

We will evaluate the request, check availability and, if it is something we can source, provide you with a quotation and estimated turnaround time to deliver the product. The quotation will include all relevant costs, taxes, duties and delivery charges.

Please note: To ensure we offer a premium and bespoke service, we require a minimum value per custom order of R3,500. If you do not know the value of the product you are looking for, we can do a quick assessment, and will communicate to you if the order does not meet the minimum value requirement. 

The service is provided as an add-on to our primary business trading activities. As such, it can sometimes take a while for us to respond, as we need to do an initial evaluation of the request. If very urgent, please also follow up with an email or Whatsapp.



All quotations include our full Terms and Conditions, but please take note of the following highlights:

  1. WAZA specializes in Japanese imports. Please do not submit requests for imports from other Asian countries.
  2. WAZA reserves the right not to provide a quotation if the product is deemed to be in breach of import regulations, or requires special permits.
  3. Quotations are free. All individual and retail custom orders require full upfront payment upon acceptance of the quotation.
  4. Depending on the size and value of large and wholesale custom orders, payment terms may be negotiated per order, to allow for split payments.
  5. Our custom order shipments are designed to offer you peace of mind with an established importer and a Japanese team. We typically consolidate orders before we ship, to save on shipping costs, which means you wait a little longer. Urgent shipments can be sent via priority courier, but will increase the price. On average, we ship from Japan every 4 - 6 weeks, so please expect to wait a while.
  6. The minimum order value is R3,500 (total cost to client, which includes shipping). Where a custom order request is lodged and its is immediately apparent that the order does not meet the minimum value threshold, we reserve the right not to provide a quote, and will communicate this to you.
If you have any questions, please email us at