To compliment WAZAshop, we are launching WAZAtravel in 2019 - a bespoke travel advisory service for South Africans travelling to Japan.

Complete our WAZAtravel survey here.

WAZAtravel is not a travel agency, but rather a repository of travellers' lessons learnt, combined with our own experiences and knowledge gained over 14 years.

The purpose is to learn from and inspire others, and to present it in a useful way, so that fellow travellers can make the most of their visit to Japan.

WAZAtravel will publish Japan travel tips & tricks, questions & answers and travel stories. WAZA also offers a service whereby we develop custom travel itineraries for prospective travellers to Japan.

If Japan is still on your bucket list, we want to hear from you too!

Complete our WAZAtravel survey here.

The survey is divided into two sections: for travellers who have been to Japan and for travellers who still want to visit Japan. We want to hear from both groups, especially what information you would like to receive on travel to Japan.


Please answer the questions in the survey by telling us:

  • what you think of Japan;
  • what you like / do not like about the country;
  • what your favourite experiences were;
  • what you want to know before visiting Japan;
  • what you would like to learn more about;
  • what you can recommend to other travellers.

    You can choose whether your contributions are anonymous, or whether you wish to receive credit for them (e.g. "Botha Kruger from Cape Town recommends this music bar in Kanazawa:...").

    Your name and email address will not be shared or published in any form. All participants who contribute* to the survey will automatically be entered into a give-away and three lucky contributors will each win a WAZA gift voucher worth R1,000!

    The survey will be open until 31 August 2019.

    Complete our WAZAtravel survey here.

    Any questions or comments can be directly addressed to Botha Kruger at info@wazashop.co.za or via +27 (0)83 463-7045.

    Thank you for your contribution!

    Team WAZA

    * To "contribute" means that you answer at least two questions with relevant answers. Just providing contact details does not qualify you for the give-away.