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Visit the brand new WAZA Japan Store at 201 Bree Street, Cape Town


If you are planning to visit Japan, let us help you. Our sister business - WAZA Travel - offers bespoke travel advisory services for South Africans travelling to Japan.

We combine the lessons learnt from others with our own Japan travel experiences and knowledge gained over 15 years.

The purpose is to learn from and inspire others, and to share it in a useful way, so that fellow travellers can make the most of their visit to Japan.

WAZA Travel offers three broad categories of travel services:

  1. CHAT – an informal consultancy to give you advice and help you structure your thoughts around travelling Japan.
  2. PLAN – co-development of custom itineraries if you still want to travel independently.
  3. GO – bespoke travel packages which include guides and interpreters to your required level of comfort.

 Visit WAZA Travel today.