Daruma Doll (6cm)

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A Daruma doll is a Japanese talisman of good luck. Typically made of papier-mâché, it is used to set a personal goal and record successful achievement of that goal. Since it is modeled after Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism, there is a lot of symbolism associated with daruma - from the colour of the doll, to the significance of the crane and tortoise depicted by its facial hair, to the fact that it is designed to stay upright (the Japanese saying "nanakorobi yaoki" translates as "seven times down, eight times up").

To use the daruma doll:

  • For a personal goal, colour in the left eye of the doll only, so that you are reminded on a daily basis of what you are working to achieve. Once your goal is achieved, colour in the right eye.
  • If you are contesting an election, colour in the right eye first, followed by the left eye upon winning.
  • Daruma are also found in business establishments and homes with both eyes coloured, as a wish of good fortune for the establishment.

In Japan, daruma are burned once a year at New Year, as a way of thanksgiving for a safe passage during the year, or to celebrate achievement of the goal. A new daruma is then acquired, and new personal goals set for the year.

You can decide how you want to use a daruma doll in your personal or business situation.

We stock 12 colours in the 6cm size:

  • RED: general good fortune, safety and well-being of family, wish on success
  • BLACK: business success, being in the black, get rid of bad luck, being safe from natural disasters
  • SILVER: promote change, overcome a current situation, becoming someone different
  • GOLD: win a prize, financial fortune, victory
  • WHITE: pass entrance exams, a long/healthy life, safe delivery of a baby
  • BLUE: get promoted, achieve independence, get a job
  • YELLOW: achieve honour, have good luck, be beautiful
  • GREEN: good health and fitness, do well in sports
  • PINK: good relationships or marriage, successful dieting
  • ORANGE: mind renovation, success of reforming yourself, prosperity of family
  • PURPLE: success in showing your own personality, good relationships, showing stability
  • BROWN: good relationships, being trusted


Daruma manufacturing is officially recognised as a traditional craft of Gunma Prefecture in Japan, and we buy from Yoshida Daruma in Takasaki City, a company with a 120-year old history of manufacturing them, initially as a sideline, and now as a dedicated product.