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Fish Scaler
Fish Scaler
Fish Scaler
Fish Scaler
R 550

Fish Scaler



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Fish scaler with a rugged and durable brass head and wooden handle. Made in TsubameSanjo, the famed metalworking twin cities in Niigata prefecture. This can be used at home or in a commercial setting to scale various types of fish.

  • Head size: 40 x 60mm
  • Total length: 205mm
  • Materials: brass with a natural wood handle
  • Care instructions: Hand wash with a scrubber


Hoshisan Seisakusho Co., Ltd. is based in Sanjo, Niigat Prefecture and is a manufacturer of kitchenware like scalers, fish skewers, ice picks and tempura chopsticks. Ice pick. Tempura chopsticks. They also manufacture items for frame hanging, household wire products and outdoor supplies for a variety of stockists and brands.