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Four Teas & Coffee Incense Set
Four Teas & Coffee Incense Set
R 150

Four Teas & Coffee Incense Set



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Using natural ingredients, the set of four teas and coffee incense stick provides scents that are not overwhelming and can easily be combined with morning breakfast and tea / coffee rituals. Each scent has five sticks, packaged to prevent breakage.

The scents are:

  • Morning coffee: Charcoal roasted bittersweet freshly ground coffee aroma
  • Morning tea: Elegant and refined Darjeeling tea scent
  • Morning gyokuro: A deep and slightly sweet high-quality green tea scent
  • Osmanthus tea: A scent of osmanthus, whose small orange flowers give off fragrance as an autumn tradition.
  • Jasmine tea: A mellow scent of jasmine that retains a gorgeous yet fresh scent.


  • Case: 145×160×5 mm
  • Incense stick: 135 mm

Incense stand not included.


YOU YOU ANG is an incense brand based in Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture. The approach is to carefully undertake by hand all processes from planning to producing and packaging of incense in Japan.