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Shimanto "Furu furu" Dressing
Shimanto "Furu furu" Dressing
Shimanto "Furu furu" Dressing
Shimanto "Furu furu" Dressing
R 200

Shimanto "Furu furu" Dressing


Flavour Plum perilla

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"Furu Furu" means to shake and these two furikake-style seasonings offer delicious flavouring to enhance any food. Shake to mix the ingredients and sprinkle it on rice, over eggs, on pizza, or add to a soup. The applications are endless if you want to add a little Japanese taste to any dish.

Only local ingredients from the Shimanto river region and Kōchi Prefecture are used, emphasising food that is delicious, safe and natural.

There are two flavours available:

  1. Plum perilla: bonito shavings, Auxis bonito shavings, white sesame, red perilla furikake, kelp, aragonite, salt, white sesame, natural colouring (annatto)
  2. Green seaweed: dried bonito flakes, dried Auxis bonito flakes, white sesame, kelp, aragonite, salt, green seaweed, white sesame
  • Contents: weight: 18g
  • Shelf life: 225 days
  • Storage instructions: Keep in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate once opened


Shimanto Domeki Company was established in 2015 to deliver natural foods from Kōchi and Shimanto. The emphasis is on traditional food made with seasonal ingredients, without going against nature. Delicious, safe and natural. Something that is kind to nature and enriches the mind and body.

Shimanto is a rich land where the Shimanto River, which is called the last clear stream in Japan, flows. The company aims to create food culture and lifestyles where recipes from ancient times are combined with new values. They focus on fair trade in the Shimanto region, with a commitment to sell inside and outside the prefecture.