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Green Onion Peeler
Green Onion Peeler
Green Onion Peeler
R 370

Green Onion Peeler



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Green onion peeler for shredding green onions. The body is made from hohonoki wood and the serrated blade is stainless steel. The applications are diverse - you can use it to add shredded toppings to different Japanese dishes, or to cut and curl small salad onions.

It comes packaged in a gift box, with a colour brochure (Japanese only).

Instructions for use

  • Put the green onion flat on a chopping board.
  • Cut the top end to be even.
  • Pull the peeler from the root base to the outer area while rotating the onion in its length.
  • Cut julienne pieces to desired length or dip the onion in water for the shredded tips to curl.

Washing instructions

  • Remove small shreds of onion with chopsticks or a scrubber.
  • Wash by hand in soapy water and dry well.
  • Do not soak for a prolonged time.
  • Do not place in a dishwasher.


Oyanagi Industrial Co., Ltd. is a family owned manufacturer of natural wooden tools and utensils. The company was established in 1926 and is based in the famed blacksmithing cities of Tsubame-Sanjo. The company still produces a wide range of wooden products in the traditional Japanese way, to continue a tradition of working with a material known for its warmth and calm feel.