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Hand Rake - 'GATO'
Hand Rake - 'GATO'
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Hand Rake - 'GATO'



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The GATO hand rake is made from the off-cut steel plates used to manufacture Japanese garden hoes. This approach to minimise waste is combined with a clean and modern design to create a tool that is ideal for vegetable and container gardens.

A larger four pronged side is combined with six smaller prongs for finer raking. The hand rake has a wooden handle. It can be easily cleaned with water and a brush.

The name GATO comes from the Spanish word for cat, as the design was inspired by cat paws.


Asano Mokkosho is based in the famed twin cities for steel craftsmanship - Tsubame-Sanjo in Niigata Prefecture. The company manufacturers tools according to the maxim "Simple and efficient tools for all your gardening needs." Established in 1950, they not only supply professionals and hobbyists with a wide range of general tools, but also keep on innovating with new designs, all incorporating Japanese design elements and quality craftsmanship.

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