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Tatami Yoga Mat - WAZA
Tatami Yoga Mat
Tatami Yoga Mat - WAZA
Tatami Yoga Mat
Tatami Yoga Mat - WAZA
Tatami Yoga Mat
Tatami Yoga Mat
Tatami Yoga Mat
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Tatami Yoga Mat


Design Sakuri-Fuji

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The IKEHIKO Tatami Yoga Mat is made of natural Japanese igusa rush, the same as used to make traditional tatami mats. The overlapping honeycomb-like hexagonal structures found inside each stalk allows igusa to absorb formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide and unwanted odours. Igusa is also a deodorizer as it contains phytoncides - antimicrobial organic compounds - which emit a natural, grassy fragrance and helps you relax while exercising. Igusa is 2.5 times as moisture absorbent as cotton and the mats are fire retardant.

The yoga mat is non-slip and rolls up tightly to make it easy to carry to a yoga class, or to take along on a holiday break

The Tatami Yoga Mat comes in two types:

1. Patterned woven yoga mat

  • Dimensions: 180cm (L) x 60cm (W)
  • Backing: 4mm thick PVC backing and stitched with a polyester border to ensure it maintains its rigidity and shape.
  • Pattern: Sakura-Fuji

2. Plain woven yoga mat

  • Dimensions: 186cm (L) x 66cm (W)
  • Backing: 3mm thick TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) backing and stitched with a border to ensure it rolls easily while keeping its shape.
  • Weave: Crosshatch weave
  • Pattern: Plain

The yoga mat can also be used as a day-time sleeping or meditation mat, or a runner rug. Please do not step on it with shoes.


The motto of IKEHIKO Co. is to “make life delightful”. The company is based in Fukuoka Prefecture on the western Kyushu Island of Japan and was established in 1886. IKEHIKO specialises in home applications for igusa, the Japanese rush used in homes for centuries. The company's products convey igusa's traditional charms, while being suited to contemporary lifestyles and modern homes. The Tatami Yoga Mat is another innovative product designed for yoga practitioners with a love of Japan, or who enjoy a natural lifestyle.