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Inner Pile Towel
Inner Pile Towel
Inner Pile Towel
Inner Pile Towel
R 1,630

Inner Pile Towel


Size Bath (63 x 130cm)
Colour Charcoal

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Made from 100% organic cotton in Osaka, Japan, the Inner Pile Towel is both voluminous and extremely soft.

Using traditional shuttle looms the Inner Pile Towel reinvents the classic towel by combining two outer layers of soft gauze with an inner layer of absorbent pile. It can be used as a towel, throw, or small blanket, or even as a quick pillow cover on a hot day. 


  • Bath Towel: 63cm (W) ×130cm (L)
  • Face Towel: 29cm (W) × 82cm (L)
  • Mini Towel: 23cm x 23cm (see it HERE)


  • Navy
  • Charcoal


SHINTO TOWEL Co., Ltd. is based in the Senshu region of Osaka, which is known for towel making. The company was established in 1907 and strives to preserve traditional production techniques in making the best quality Senshu towels.

Senshu towels are known for the use of atozarashi – a post-weave refining process, which reduces starch found in the fibres and thereby improving absorbency while preserving fluffiness.

The company still uses and maintains half-century old looms, since these allow the towel artisans more freedom to experiment, create new features and make adjustments as necessary. This has become a cornerstone approach of the company’s approach to making towels – not to be as quick as possible, but to use machines which allow human experience, craftsmanship and ingenuity to become an essential part of the process.