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Kamisori (Straight Razor)
Kamisori (Straight Razor)
Kamisori (Straight Razor)
Kamisori (Straight Razor)
Kamisori (Straight Razor)
Kamisori (Straight Razor)
R 4,030

Kamisori (Straight Razor)


Handle Type Plain Steel

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TAKAMI straight razor (kamisori) with a double bevel blade and a choice of plain steel or rattan wrapped handle. A  kamisori (剃刀) is a razor used originally in Japan to shave monks' heads. The handle and blade are forged from one piece of steel.

This TAKAMI kamisori has a Western style blade, meaning it is symmetrical when viewed from the tip. It is good for left or right handed use. It has a mirror finish on the blade and a distinct contrast between blade and handle. 

Kamisori can be prepared with a leather strop before use.

  • Brand: TAKAMI
  • Blacksmith: Mr. Yuji Amano
  • Steel: White Paper Steel No. 1 / Soft iron
  • HRC: Approximately 61-63
  • Packaging: Wooden box


TAKAMI kamisori are made by Mr. Yuji Amano, who in his 20s studied under Mr. Keiichiro Tsutsui, a Master blacksmith of forestry tools in the Tosa region (Shikoku Island).

He started making some kinds of tools by himself and after the factory closed down, he opened his own workshop, where he started making knives, tools, and razors.

He is now in his middle 40s and makes knives and razors under the brand 'Takami' (天水), which uses two kanji: 天 is a character from his name Amano (天野) and 水 refers to water, as he quenches his razors with water.

He uses White Paper Steel no. 1, laminated with soft iron. The razors are made all by Amano san - from the forging and traditional lamination techniques to  the sharpening.