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Matcha - Ogura's Olden Times
Matcha - Ogura's Olden Times
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Matcha - Ogura's Olden Times



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Super premium quality matcha for enjoying as a morning wake-me-up drink, or with sweets in the afternoon. Sourced from the famed Uji tea region in Kyoto Prefecture, this tea is 100% picked by hand and ground with a traditional stone mill.

The name of this blend is Ogura no Mukashi (巨椋の昔  - Ogura's Olden Times) and it is ideal for a dark matcha, using a large bamboo scoop of tea. Ogura-ike golden pond is a famous scenic spot close to Kyoto and this blend celebrates a tea experience in serene and beautiful surroundings. Since it is smooth and flavourful, with very little bitterness, you can adjust the strength to your taste. This is ideal for a special private tea ceremony, or to introduce guests to the delightful taste of quality matcha with a group demonstration.

Size of tin: 30g

Matcha is finely powdered green tea, which is mixed into water, as opposed to sencha, which is steeped and served without the leaves. Matcha requires careful cultivation and preparation techniques, including shade growing, hand picking, de-stemming and de-veining of the leaf, as well as fine grinding.


How to prepare matcha:

  1. Scoop a small amount (the capacity of a bamboo scoop - 2g to 4g depending on personal preference) of matcha powder into a tea bowl or wide cup. Ensure it is wide enough to whisk the tea. To remove any clumps of powder, use a sieve to sift it.
  2. Pour 150ml of boiling water into a separate container to cool it down to 80°C.
  3. Once cooled, mix the water with the matcha and whisk vigorously, ideally using a chasen (bamboo whisk) using a zig-zag (W-shape) motion for up to 60 seconds, or until a fine froth has formed and the tea is bright green.
  4. Drink the matcha straight from the tea bowl or large cup.
  5. Matcha is wonderful when paired with something sweet - select your favourite small sweet snack as an accompaniment. 


KYOEISEICHA (Kyoei Tea Co., Ltd.) traces its history back to the establishment of the Morihan Teahouse in Uji Ogura in 1836. With the business establishment Kyoei Tea Co., Ltd. by Morihan Tea Factory and Matsumotoken Tea Shop in 1940, the business became an important pioneer in both tea production and research. In 2019 the Kyoto Techno Center became a newly established base for tea research and development. The company motto is "trusted quality" and this is found across its range of teas and confectionary products.

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