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Mensuly Fixing Stone - WAZA
Mensuly Fixing Stone - WAZA
Mensuly Fixing Stone - WAZA
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Mensuly Fixing Stone



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The King 'Mensuly' fixing stone is used to re-flatten Japanese whetstones, using a combination of iron filings and water. It has a roughly textured and patterned flat surface stone,  on which you apply either medium or fine iron filings (supplied) and then water. The whetstone is then flattened by applying force in a to-and-fro motion on the flattening stone. We include instructions for use with your shipment.

Dimensions: 262mm x 115mm x 30mm
Weight: 2kg

Matsunaga Stone Co. Ltd was established in 1948 and King is one of the most well-known brands for Japanese sharpening stones. The company head office is in Osaka with branch offices in Fukuoka, Niigata and Sapporo. The company specialises in abrasives, grinding wheels and sharpening stones of various kinds. It also manufactures the Sun Tiger range of stones. The current president is Hiroyuki Matsunaga.