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Miso Tamari
Miso Tamari
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Miso Tamari



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Miso Tamari is a very rare by-product of making miso, also called hon tamari. When soybean miso has aged for a long time, a small amount of liquid collects on top of the miso in the traditional wooden barrel. This is miso tamari and only 3-5 litres can be harvested from every ton of miso. It is additive-free and gluten-free, with a thick texture and packed with umami flavour. Similar to tamari soy sauce, but more flavourful, it can be used as is with sashimi, to add flavour to regular soy sauce, or to add umami flavour to many dishes.

  • Size of bottle: 100ml
  • Storage instructions: Store away from direct sunlight at room temperature
  • Ingredients: non-GMO soybeans and salt
  • Shelf-life: Two years
  • Ideas for use:
    • Spread on meat or vegetables and bake;
    • Mix with mirin as a broth flavouring;
    • Add to any stew, or add to ramen for added umami flavour;
    • Mix it with regular soy sauce to enhance the flavour;
    • Use as is with sushi and sashimi.


Noda Miso's slogan is: "we don't make miso, we raise it".  The company was established in 1928 and was initially known as Kuramoto Masuzuka Miso after the name of the area from where it originated. It is located in Aichi prefecture and is a manufacturer of naturally fermented soybean miso, dedicated to the promotion of Japanese food culture through three core principles:

  1. Natural fermentation only over 18 months, with nothing artificially controlled;
  2. Wooden barrels only for enhancing the miso taste;
  3. No GMOs used in the ingredients.

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