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Cold Brew Ice Tea (Sencha)
Cold Brew Ice Tea (Sencha)
R 250

Cold Brew Ice Tea (Sencha)

Chaya Suzuwa


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Sencha green ice tea from Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan. The ice tea blend was developed through extensive testing to ensure a smooth and refreshing blend for drinking chilled. It is ideal for a refreshing start to your day, at work, or at lunch time.

Available in two types:

  • Sencha - green ice tea
  • Houjicha - roasted green ice tea

Each packet contains 10 x 10g tea bags and each tea bag makes 1 litre of ice tea.



Tea bag

  1. Place 1 tea bag in an empty container with a capacity of at least 1 litre.
  2. Pour 1 litre of cold water into the container (We recommended using water that has been filtered with Kishu binchotan).
  3. Place in a refrigerator and wait for 3-4 hours.
  4. Stir the tea gently and serve, or decant into your favourite flask. If serving from the container, the tea bag can be left inside for up to 8 hours to brew.
  5. Enjoy your ice tea!