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Sumac Wax Candles
Sumac Wax Candles
Sumac Wax Candles
Sumac Wax Candles
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Sumac Wax Candles


Stand Candles only

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Eight small sumac wax candles in a cardboard box, with an optional ceramic stand.

Hand-made, genuine Japanese candles with 100% natural sumac wax. Each piece is hand-made by DAIYO and one of only 10 remaining master craftsmen across Japan, using 100% natural materials.

The Japanese candle wick is hollow and made of washi, rush weeds and silk fibres. A piece of washi is first rolled and wrapped with rush weeds. Silk fibres are then used to hold the weeds in place.

  • Sumac Wax Candle White No.1
  • Number per pack: 8
  • Size: 10 x h76mm
  • Burning time: 20min
  • Stand colour options: white, beige or black


Daiyo was established in the Takashima county of Shiga Prefecture in 1914. The artisanship has been passed down across four generations, polished and refined as time passes. Shiga prefecture is home to Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, and an abundance of natural resources. Consequently, Shiga has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on the coexistence of man and nature. Daiyo’s Japanese candles are 100% made from natural plant wax. The compan's principles of making candles from the blessings of nature have remained unchanged since our establishment more than a century ago.

By utilizing 100% local and natural plant wax, the Daiyo artisans meticulously craft all candles by hand. By using a sustainable resource, their Japanese candles made for home-use do not produce smoke, nor does the melted wax flow out of the candle. The candles have almost zero odour when burning. Environmental friendliness is a key feature of Daiyo’s Japanese candles.