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T-4N Bonsai Scissors
T-4N Bonsai Scissors
T-4N Bonsai Scissors
T-4N Bonsai Scissors
T-4N Bonsai Scissors
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T-4N Bonsai Scissors



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Carbon Steel bonsai scissors, ideal for cutting stems, detail pruning close to a branch, or trimming flowers. The sharp, long cutting edge allows for precision cutting. They are also very useful in herb gardens and can be used for ikebana.

  • Model No.: T-4N
  • Total length: 200mm
  • Blade length: 70mm
  • Material: Japanese forged carbon steel


TOYAMA HAMONO is a traditional shears manufacturer based in the famous steel working city of Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture in Japan. The company was established in 1861 and follows the original manufacturing techniques used for making Japanese swords. The company has been hand forging secateurs and shears for over 160 years and have built a reputation world-wide for producing excellent gardening tools.


Note on use: Since this product is made from carbon steel, it offers exceptional cutting ability and is easy to sharpen. It is, however, not stainless and needs to be cleaned and dried after use. By caring for these scissors, they can last many years and across generations.